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One day I was scrolling through Facebook, as I do sometimes when I’m extremely bored. And I see someone that was once a friend of mine post on another mutual friend’s timeline. I was able to see it because my friend commented on the post. (Yeah, I know, just typing that made me confused.) But if you’re a Face-bookie like most of us are or, for me, were… you get it. I see the post, then the comment and I begin to think, Well, I didn’t see it on my timeline. I go snooping and wouldn’t you know it! I’ve been blocked, cut off, caput.

Now, if for every friend on Facebook I was receiving some sort of compensation, then I’d be fuming. But, ummm… yeah, not so much. So like, why? I mean, in my opinion, people take this whole social media thing to the extreme. Seriously. I’m sure in the mind of my blocker, it was probably like, I’ll show her… But to me it didn’t quite come across like that.

Here’s what people need to know about the whole BLOCK thing. After it was done to me, I was like, let me see how this is done. So again, I go searching. Man, let me tell you, it was hard work. You go here, then there, then type in a name, then “Do you really want to block?” and so on. Then yes. It’s a lot. So, let me tell you Facebook blockers what us Facebook blocked are thinking when you go through that trouble: YOU MAD and YOU DUMB.

I mean, there are definitely certain situations where it’s warranted, like if you’re getting mad stalked by a psycho ex that randomly shows up in every place you happen to be. Then you can block – well, no, you probably should call 911. But block them after you talk to the po po… (smirk). But if you just broke up with your ex and you’re trying to prove a point by pulling their chain and blocking them for attention, then go get some business and a life. I’m a woman with lots of emotions, and for me, I wouldn’t even take the time unless it’s a really serious situation and I need you out of my life. But again, if you’re just trying to show them who’s boss, don’t do it. It makes you look super stupid and pathetic (just my opinion). If you disagree, there’s a comment button beneath this post. Hit it and let me know what you think!
Happy Weekend Eve. Stay blessed and beautiful my loves… #Smooches


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