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WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK, WORK! Are We Working Ourselves into an Early Grave?

Is it any surprise that people are overworking themselves, especially in the areas where the cost of living almost doubles and, in some cases, triples? We live in an area where building your brand and perfecting your craft for more than 15 hours a day or more is far more important than a good night’s rest. We have adopted a dangerous routine of training our bodies to go into overdrive from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, not realizing that we are doing our bodies a terrible disservice. Self-care is essential to a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

When considering the conditions of self-care we need to recognize these three foundations: the physical, the emotional and the spiritual. With these in mind, you may need to think of activities to complete you in these areas. For instance, physically you might want to try yoga, Zumba or maybe even take up a spin class. For spiritual, how about meditation, studying your Bible, or even volunteering at your local church activities?

Self-care is vital for those working in any helping profession, as they spend their time pouring into others when their glass may very well be empty. They must make sure to pour back into themselves to prevent burn-out, sickness, body aches, anxiety and the like. Remember: your body is only as good to you as you are to it!

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