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Washington, DC’s Failing Metro System: How Safe Are We?


That’s what should be posted outside of every stop of DC’s Metro Transit Stations. The Metro system is getting failing grades these days and has been for a long time, from unsafe commute rides to our lives being put in danger every single day. And now the Federal Transit Administration has warned them to either get it together or be shut down, and/or have their Federal funding withheld.

Are we being taken for a ride? Washington, DC has the second-largest transit system next to New York and just ahead of Chicago. Billions of dollars pour into the system each year and yet they are still plagued with constant malfunctions, train collisions, derailments, three smoke incidents (one that even claimed a life), robberies, assaults and even having the entire system shut down for 24 hours this year, completely handicapping the DMV. Metro now has commuters questioning the reliability of the system, and whether they can be trusted to get them where they need to be on time, and in one piece.

A recent Metrorail report indicated that ridership declined by 5 percent from 2010 to 2015 due to the uncertainty of getting riders to their destinations safely and on time.

Then there is another issue of personal safety. Should there be more security patrolling the platforms, and not just the Station Managers? More and more innocent people are being injured and sometimes killed on the grounds of Washington’s public transit. At this point, who should be held accountable for the safety of the public when the fairs are steadily increasing, but no changes appear to be made?

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