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How many of you have paused indefinitely on an idea (raises hand, and clears throat),  only to see someone else perfectly execute your vision? Instantly your mind goes through the what ifs. Watching your concept come to life makes you want to kick yourself hard for not following through. You can’t tell anyone you hesitated, and talking about it after the fact will make you look like bitter and jealous. From the beginning what you should have done was ……

Be honest!

Listen, nobody knows what they’re doing. None of us! We are all so good at giving convincing, “I’ve got it all together” face that we don’t know the daily struggles others deal with as well. We are too ashamed to say I don’t know so we pretend because we don’t want to appear like we don’t (how crazy is that). The biggest misconception ever is thinking “It’s just me”. You don’t have to put on an act. Admit you’re clueless! Then you can ……


With that out of the way, what’s the next step? Focusing. Voices in abundance come at you so much; you actually need to be super human to block them out (myth #7582). If blocking out people is a super power, sign us up! Failure is discouraging but focus is everything. Failure is discouraging but focus is everything! Say it again, and again, and again! You will get there just ……

Keep at it!

Success does not happen overnight. We want the same fortune that others have but don’t put in the time, energy, thought, and creativity needed to make it all come together. There is no “Magic Dream” card, no snapping of the fingers. This is persistent, hard work often accompanied by stressful days and sleepless nights. Your canvass will often be blank but somewhere in the back of your head, you see the full picture. That picture answers the question ……

photo credit rec'd 8/23/14 Lisa Calister Link: http://lisamcalister.com/your-why-in-internet-marketing/

photo credit rec’d 8/23/14 Lisa Calister Link: http://lisamcalister.com/your-why-in-internet-marketing/

What is your why?

 Your mind is in overdrive, with great ideas pending. So what are you going to do about that?  Even in resolving one issue, others pop up. But ask yourself WHY and in finding that answer, ask why again. The answers to your whys are your keys. Use them to ……

Discipline yourself!

We, yes you included, are brilliant! If you were shown your ending as opposed to your beginning, would you act or nah? If you were promised success but just had add time and dedication to the equation would you? Take those ingenious ideas and put them to work because ……

You’ve Got it!

Most things we think about ourselves are figments of our imaginations. They’re fears and what is fear? FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. We think we don’t measure up – LIE. We don’t have what others have – SO WHAT! We are unique and have our own contributions to give that only we can give. Are you satisfied with watching the success of others while you sit down on yours?  Will you let your treasure go undiscovered? You’re sitting on a gold mine! Chip away at that thing and cash in!


photo credit received 11/2/14 Becuo Link: http://becuo.com/ocean-water-splash

photo credit rec'd 11/2/14 Connie Davis Johnson Link: http://conniedavisjohnson.com/2012/11/19/watching-someone-drown/

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