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THE STATEMENT PIECE- Has a true Statement


So USTYLE Magazine recently had the opportunity to attend the beautiful Antoinette Marie Driscoll, who is the Owner and Creative Fashion Director of The Statement Piece’s event held at The Shoe Box located in Pentagon City Mall in Arlington Virginia.


When I tell you this event was all that I thought it would be, classy, gorgeous and the perfect environment for gorgeous women to meet and learn all about Antoinette Marie’s collection and what perfect place to hold it but in the midst of shoes, shoes, shoes and more gorgeous shoes…did I FB_IMG_1509232611431mention SHOES? We all know us women love our shoes so this was the ideal place to share and celebrate each other.

From the very moment you stepped into The Shoe Box you couldn’t help but notice the classy entrance way that certainly set the tone for the afternoon and what was happening inside. The elegant entrance way decor what set by the very chic, Ms. Pearl Simpson of JJSK Events. IMG_20171029_095218_231 IMG_20171029_095059_727


There was a wall of delicious miniature chocolate cupcakes, a wine bar of assorted red and white wines, goodies from the Sugar Factory, a bedazzled “Shoe Cam” station and the flyest gift bags for us to go home with.

Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-13-15-1 Screenshot_2017-10-31-09-12-20-1 Screenshot_2017-10-30-13-12-19-1

I tell you Antoinette Marie left no stones uncovered, from the meticulous selection of the beautiful models she chose to adorn her custom pieces  to the choosing of her beautiful Brand Ambassador, Ms. Nabila Ali.


Upon talking with Ms. Driscoll the planning of such a well thought out event didn’t go without a hiccup or two, for starters her first choice of locations to hold the event declined, pushing her idea off until after the new year. Although feeling discouraged but not defeated, her determination led her right into the hands of Kumba Demba, store manager at The Shoe Box who welcomed her Brand and her idea with open arms and together they held a phenomenal event.

IMG_20171029_094806_700 IMG_20171029_085616_268 IMG_20171028_192305_078

Antoinette Marie born in Dayton, Ohio took the scenic route to get to her true calling. Even as a young girl she has always had a gift to put stylish clothes and accessories together but for more logical reasons she chose to enlist in the United States Army,  but after receiving an honorable discharge, she then decided to enroll in night classes and soon received a Masters degree in Business and shortly thereafter returned to her true passion, hence The Statement Piece was born in June of 2016.


With The Statement Piece her goal is to celebrate and feature fashion and most importantly honor ALL types of women and their styles by way of her custom pieces to unique boutique finds. She uses her platform to connect and motivate young girls and women by helping them to recognize their self-confidence.

Her motto is “It’s time to make a statement by having womanly pride and self worth through self expression.”

I promise you Antoinette Marie Driscoll is just getting started!



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