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I see handbags and shoes as the fun side of fashion. Clothing is cool, but there are only so many ways to reinvent a blouse or restructure a dress. When it comes to bags & shoes however, the possibilities are endless. There is a portion of my closet that I have deemed my Carry Brad. Collection. This consist of the items, mostly shoes that are more fashionable than functional. It’s sad to say and maybe even a bit too vain to utter in public, but in the unfortunate event of a fire, I would probably save these shoes and then double back for family photos. Is has be put into experimentation and proven time and time again that the right shoe and handbag can bring an otherwise dead look back to life. Handbags have become so interesting that the faux paux of having to only dote designer purses has passed. Not that I will ever abandon the greats, but for a fun fashion statement, I’ve found myself trending towards bright bags this spring. As the temp rises in summer, so will the popularity of color pop purses. These fringe finds have recently been added to the Her Kloset collection, and I had to be the first to feature them. Like diamonds, I’ll take one in every color!

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