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Round of Applause for the Cause

So Azealia Banks got tore a new one last week for simply vocalizing her opinion. Poor thing got ousted from Twitter and was even uninvited to the June 4th Born and Bred Festival. Ms. Banks, who is well-known for going off on folks on Twitter interviews (and honestly, any platform), went at Zayn Malik, a British singer from One Direction, for supposedly jacking her style and copying her images from one of her videos. Now, I am not gonna lie: she absolutely did say some things that were completely racist and out of pocket. But, who cares? So does everyone else.

One of the lowest blows was when she tweeted: “Still doesn’t change the fact that your mother is a dirty refugee who wont be granted asylum” (low blow). But Zayn stayed rather cool, and simply replied: “Why you been saying nasty things about me? I wasn’t talking about you lol?”

To say the least, he got sonned. Word on the wire is that earlier today Banks made an official apology regarding her verbal recklessness. I’ve heard so many different opinions about this situation. My opinion (and everyone has one) is that she is doing no more publicly than any other nationality. It’s cool for hipster white boys to say “my N$gga,” and for the down Becky with the good hair to rock dreads and cornrows, and even for a presidential candidate to refer to putting up a wall to keep other races out of America. And it’s business as usual. But when the sister gets fed up and decides to voice her opinion, she’s a mad black woman. (STOP IT.) To be honest, shout out to Banks for putting homie on the map. Zayn should actually be thanking Banks, ’cause honestly I had no idea who you were until this beef ensued.

Until next time guys, stay blessed and beautiful my loves… #Smooches.

~Kimberly Johnson~

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