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THE AETHERVERSE: The End of Political Correctness?

Watch out, speech police: there’s a new book that’s calling you out!

2016 seems to have become the final showdown between political correctness and its long-time opponents. In today’s society, is there really any room for people who are willing to publicly offend entire communities simply to champion “free speech”? No matter what side you’re on, there’s no denying that this debate might very well shape the future of our country, and the way individuals treat and deal with one another. But it looks like two authors are looking to take matters into their own hands.

The Aetherverse, written by J. D’Urso and E. Bryan, is an irreverent, unapologetic and, sometimes, blatantly offensive call for the end of “political correctness.” It’s classified as sci-fi, but has all the elements that can appeal to a wider audience, and not just Star Wars fans – action, humor, sex and violence (definitely not for the feint-of-heart). Right from the first page it’s exciting and addicting, but we won’t lie: it’s very political (like, in-your-face political, and not always very polite about it). Luckily, most of the book is just a good, unique story, and not pages and pages of dry politics.

Here’s the description you’ll find on the back cover:

“It is the year 2869 Æx., and the sun is setting on humanity’s golden age. The once glorious Convergency has fallen into the hands of a corrupt elite, and a lone corporation has seized limitless power over the innocent citizens of the galaxy. But when a noble marshal, a lowly temple harlot and a band of unlikely allies find themselves caught in the middle of an insidious conspiracy, it seems that tyranny may have met its match. Part adventure, part political thriller, The Aetherverse redefines sci-fi as we know it, and tells the story of a democracy fallen, and a tragic history dangerously repeated.”

So, if you’re looking to read something that’s both entertaining and provocative, take a look at the authors’ site, or go to Amazon.com to get your own copy of The Aetherverse, for Kindle or in paperback.

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