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FASHION FORWARD with Ivory Wood-Twyman

a691a998-ec9c-41d8-aadc-52859d829184Native Washingtonian Ivory Wood-Twyman has reached one of her childhood dreams: turning her flourishing online women’s boutique into a brick-and-mortar establishment. Located in Clinton, Maryland and rightfully named “Cloved In Ivy,” her business has received an overwhelmingly positive response from her professional colleagues and loyal customers.

This beautiful boutique owner has always aspired to become that go-to person within the fashion industry, and has always had an eye for the latest in fashion and style that she herself exemplifies on a daily basis. Even as a high-schooler attending Eastern Senior High in Washington, DC, she was voted “Best Dressed Female” and was definitely that voice of savvy fashion sense who won the admiration of many of her peers.

Once graduating from high school her mind was set on what direction she wanted her career to take, so she enrolled in college and majored in Business with a concentration in Merchandising. As the years went by, she made it her priority to gain as much knowledge of the retail industry as possible, taking on various positions within the higher-end retail chains, and even becoming a dedicated and trustworthy wardrobe stylist.

With years of education, skills and firsthand experience under her belt, Mrs. Twyman knew that it was her time – hence the name “Cloved In Ivy.” Her online boutique was born, and with the support of her loving husband Preston Twyman, she received a welcoming and genuine appreciation from the public. In 2016, while the stars continued to align in her favor, she opened her very first stand alone boutique.

“Cloved In Ivy” Boutique is a gorgeous, swanky and posh women’s boutique that appeals to every woman’s feminine side from the moment she enters through the French doors. The bright chandeliers add to its elegance, and the walls are filled with all the unique merchandise and accessories that a girl’s heart could possibly desire.


I urge you make a trip over to “Cloved In Ivy” for your next event or a just for a personal shopping spree. I promise you will not be disappointed, as Mrs. Twyman has certainly raised the bar with her gorgeous establishment.

This wife, mother and business owner did things her way, created her lane and now she’s the BOSS!


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