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IS MARRIAGE EVEN SACRED? Reality TV Chicks vs. the Glorified Side Chick vs. the Video Chick

At a time when reality TV and glorified side chicks dominate the media, we have to ask: Is marriage even sacred anymore?

The definition of marriage has certainly shifted from what it was decades ago. It used to bring a sense of security and stability; it was the norm and the responsible thing to do, and something both sexes looked forward to. But in this brand-new age, we aren’t so sure that marriage holds the same clout. In fact, the opinions of some millennials will make you feel a little nervous about the continued state of marriage in the future: the majority of men feel that marriage will require them to give up their lives and identity. Some men have taken on that concept of “I will only marry a women if…” they, as men, can benefit or be helped in some way. Marriage in 2016 is like a business that people view as a gain, like a contract or business deal. They will only enter marriage if they are getting something out of it – not for love. This gives rise to the modern “Power Couple.”

Social media makes it even more unsettling. You see posts and Instagram photos that make you second-guess people; maybe if social media and reality TV weren’t so popular, marriage would be more important than it currently is. If we could go back to the days when there was no social media, no reality TV and no praising of the glorified side chick’s role, many of our trust issues would disappear. Perhaps that is what has damaged the meaning of marriage: trust and love have been taken out of the equation, when once they were the very foundations of marriage. If we could return to the age of unconditional love, maybe we could make marriage relevant again in 2016, and not just as a means to an end.

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