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How TV Is Making a Mockery of Love

Just when I thought I had seen the last of the one-night stand TV era with the ending of The Bachelor, I Love New York, and who can forget the infamous Flavor of Love show. Here we go again.

I know there are many that may find this sort of show entertaining and may get grossly enthralled in its whole love triangle effect. I personally find this show as well as its sad priors disgusting. While it is indeed reality, why must I see five, ten or fifteen women on TV fawning over one man? Like, aren’t there millions more, excuse the expression… (looks for children – okay, none present)penises that they could go for?

Last Tuesday as I was relaxing and flipping through my channels, I stumbled upon a new Fox 5 “reality” TV show Coupled, hosted by the ex 106 and Park co-host Terrence J., who is playing matchmaker to a group of men by assisting them in choosing between groups of women. (Side eye.) Last week’s episode (which I only watched for about 15 minutes) was brutal. There was a handsome African American guy that had already apparently gone through the dating process of about fifteen women. During this episode he had to choose two out of the fifteen to continue on with. It appeared to me that he had sold one sister that was not one of the two a few dreams, because when he announced his choices, this sister was broke down. Once again, television has found a way to demoralize love and values with this one. Thanks Fox 5. If anyone could do it, we knew you could.

I’m not sure about you guys, but with all this trash TV, I’m starting to miss shows like Laverne and Shirley or even the silly yet completely comical Mork and Mindy. (I’m telling my age now.) Reality TV has given true, honest unadulterated love a bad name. Love isn’t competitive, or flashy. Love is about two people coming together to bring out the best in one another as a union – quietly, softly, with respect. But it seems that we are constantly making love out to be some sort of game, or laughable excursion. While it goes without saying that “there are definitely plenty of fish in the sea,” love and its ups, downs, overs and outs should be a private affair.

Seriously guys, if you get a chance take a moment to watch a little. Let me know what you think. And until next time. stay blessed and beautiful my loves… #Smooches

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