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Good Girls Still Finish First

By Kimberly Johnson

KimberlyJohnsonProfileSmallLet’s just be honest in this new reality TV, video vixen era. It’s super easy to get caught up in the hype of what we see on VH1, BET and our social media outlets. Don’t be fooled. The reality of the matter is that good girls still finish first. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

Example: Black Chyna. She’s getting wifed up by Rob Kardashian. Chyna has taken the internet world by storm with her latest beau, and not to mention the news that they are now expecting a baby Kardashian. Home girl ’bout to be put on the map. She was in a relationship with Tyga and had a baby. They split up. (BTW, I think Tyga looks like a 15-year-old homosexual girl. Just my opinion.)

Chyna is known for her friendly affiliation with the infamous ex of Kanye West, Ms. Amber Rose. These young ladies appear to be pretty close with one another. They both sorta also appear to promote the same brand of female in my book. Butt implants, breast augmentation, a few Givenchy dresses, Monolo Blahnik stilettos, let a couple of the homies smash to get you a photo shoot in XXL and you are that chic. Never mind that you used to have a stage name and got paid to shake your @$$.

Look, I’m a grinder and I’m all about stacking my coins and chasing this money. But I also am aware that there are definitely other ways to reach your goals and maintain your dignity. While none of us are perfect – and we need not be – having respect for oneself should be important. I’m definitely throwing jabs now. If all you are known for is how fast you can twerk on the pole at Magic City, you get no Diva Card from me. In this age it seems that young women are simply aspiring to be Bad Bitches at any cost. Working hard, being educated, using proper English and simply being a lady just isn’t cool to the masses anymore. That’s a warped mindset and needs to be put to death and buried. We are queens and should act as such. Our bodies should not necessarily symbolize our femininity and should definitely not be for everyone. We have so much more to offer the world. What happened to proper etiquette, knowing how to speak fluently and just being a lady?

While these women seem to stay winning, to me it appears that they have no stability and their walls are probably super thin (side eye). Us good girls are still rocking, still getting it and a few of us have natural fat asses… YUP!

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