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Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise: Paying the Price for the Perfect Summer Body

The high price of that perfect summer body is costing Americans more than just their hard-earned money. From breast implants and buttock injections to body and facial contouring, we spend billions of dollars every year trying to chase down that fountain of youth. For those that have the financial means to visit a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon the results can be life-changing and can take years off a person’s appearance. But what about the individuals who are less fortunate? They are willing to take very dangerous measures by any means necessary, sometimes risking their own lives. They are boarding flights and heading to South America where they are having the same procedures performed at a fraction of the cost here in the States. There are so many risks involved in undergoing surgery in unsanitary operating rooms, not having the proper postoperative care, or having a surgeon who is not even qualified or Board Certified performing the procedure. For instance, Brazil, which ranks second-highest in cosmetic surgeries next to the United States, also ranks third in surgeries performed by fraudulent doctors. According to a study conducted by the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery, the most common procedure is the injection of liquid silicone into the buttocks, lips and even the face. This infamous back-room procedure is known for its potential to leave patients disfigured and cause long-term health issues or, most seriously of all, premature death.

However, there are some positive advantages to having cosmetic procedures, such as contributing to a person’s sense of security and happiness, boosting self-esteem and helping to develop a healthy lifestyle. I mean, let’s be honest: when you are secure and confident with your appearance, it makes for a much happier individual and sometimes even a longer lifespan.

So, just remember before you get nipped and tucked for the love of beauty: research, and research again. Do your homework, and take nothing for granted.

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