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One of the biggest accomplishments of fashion in the 21st century has been its ability to transcend decade’s worth of fashion rules. Spoken and unspoken, the rules of fashion have been imbedded into society and it has been an upward battle to break them. Can you mix those patterns? How do you define black-tie? Is that seasonally appropriate? Style mavens have been forced to question their style choices for years. It’s as if fashion has plagued the world with low-style-esteem! As of recently, a rebellion has ignited. The world’s most stylish individuals are breaking all of the rules and cutting edge style has been the consequence.

One of the most exciting new trends is a sandal in the winter and boots in the summer. When the never-ending popularity of thigh high boots, women are baring those long legs with hot pants in the heat. Even more summer appropriate is open toe booties. Show off those well manicured toes this season while showing off your impeccable style. I especially love this suede Steve Madden bootie purchased fromImelda. Perfectly perforated to provide ventilation in hot temps, these booties have added style with a drawstring slouch. Comfortable for the day and easily transitioned to night if worn with a dress or shorts, these booties are the epitome of breaking all the rules in the name of high style!

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