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March 2017

As women, we know how we can be ridiculed for being fatherless. We hear so much talk about how hard it is for the fatherless woman to love and to sustain healthy relationships. “Women with no father are always insecure when dating!” Don’t we just

[Animation of woman reaching out to her shadow]. Retrieved August 1, 2016, from http://greatergood.berkeley.edu/images/uploads/ForgiveYourself.jpegWhen it comes to forgiveness some have an easier time with it than most and for various reasons. If you struggle with being merciful towards others, then it might be even more

Considering how important sex seems to be for relationships these days; it is amazing how afraid people are to engage in honest adult conversations about sex. But for a component that’s such a major part of relationships, it’s foolish to not discuss it. There are three very