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December 2016

Every winter we’re all faced with some dilemmas, one of the major dilemma’s being our skin. Top expert esthetician Sylvia Brownlee of Pure Beauty Bar gave us five tips to gain beautiful skin even during the winter months. Check out what she has to say: 1.)

It’s safe to say if you’re single and dating it’s a very confusing world. Phrases [Puzzled Woman]. Retrieved May 30, 2016, from http://insuremekevin.com/be-healthy-get-declined/like: “catching feelings”, “talking”, “just kicking it”, “friends with benefits” and “it’s complicated”, make it difficult to know what is considered a relationship and when

  Do you know that one person always talking about how great they are? How they are about to “blow up” and if people were smart they would “snatch them up”? It’s astonishing the amount of talent that goes untapped (pun intended) all because someone opened

Image, Retrieved 12-13-15, http://thedailyquotes.com/dont-talk-just-ask/5-4-3-2-1 … It’s almost the start of a New Year and time to roll out the endless clichés for what 2016 will bring. “New Year, New You/Me,” “I’m finally going to lose weight this year,” “It’s all about me in 2016”…yadda, yadda, yadda!