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June 2016

USTYLEMAG: recently chatted with the cast of BRAVO’s newest addition! The ladies of Potomac exclusively discussed the new show, their transition into Reality TV, and much more! Get to know, Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and Robyn B Dixon below . USTYLEMAG:For those who have not seen

Girl Bosses of today complete the majority of their work from home, which means that having a functioning office in the home is mandatory. Working from home can be an entrepreneur’s blessing and a curse if she doesn't have a dedicated place to be productive.

There are things every woman should have in her purse daily. From her cellphone to a mirror, a woman’s purse contains the things she’ll need to survive her busy day. However, there are specific things that a woman needs in her clutch when attending an event

With social media having a heavy influence on people, many are just waiting to jump onto the next new wave. Some trends are meaningless and others have more benefits. Well, a new trend is driving adults toward the coloring book section of the bookstores. Recently,

Wake up, check. At work, post. At school, tweet. Drive home, like. Lay down, Snapchat. Nope, this is not the remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools,” but unfortunately for some, this is a disturbing reality. The intrigue of social media possesses many qualities that attract addicts

Now I will not make any falsies: No, I did not watch the entire 2016 BET Awards Show. To be quite honest, I really didn't feel like torturing myself with listening to music that does not serenade my ears. And unfortunately with the exception of a

Perhaps you have seen her artwork gracing the pages of Essence magazine each month with her Horoscope Art by Yvette Crocker, or etched on a pair of comfy hi-tops, or even on your favorite tote. Wherever you've seen her gorgeous, bold artwork, Yvette Crocker has