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May 2016

Please welcome Bonita L. Parker to USTYLEMAG.COM as our Beauty Editor. Ms. Parker comes with a well-deserved reputation for quality customer service and expertise within the beauty realm. With training in Business Management and Marketing she will aid in taking USTYLEMAG.COM to the forefront and add to

Gone are the days of the June Cleaver from Leave It To Beaver domesticated housewives look. In comes the modern woman and all her fabulousness! "Sexy" and "stylish" describe these gorgeous aprons - yes, I said aprons! I saw them and completely lost my mind. The

  I had the opportunity to attend Vital Magazine's Awards Ceremony, which was held in Baltimore, MD and hosted by Ms. Dana Hicks. This event had a great purpose and showed tremendous support for the individuals that are accomplishing amazing things in Baltimore and the Washington,

One day I was scrolling through Facebook, as I do sometimes when I'm extremely bored. And I see someone that was once a friend of mine post on another mutual friend's timeline. I was able to see it because my friend commented on the post.

So Azealia Banks got tore a new one last week for simply vocalizing her opinion. Poor thing got ousted from Twitter and was even uninvited to the June 4th Born and Bred Festival. Ms. Banks, who is well-known for going off on folks on Twitter

Those famous "sammy red-bottoms" have got to be the hottest must-have shoe that every woman has got to have in her closet. Christian Louboutin is the French-born mastermind behind these beautiful high heel shoes with the shiny red lacquered soles that have become his signature trademark